How To Make Vegetable Broth Recipe | The Vegan Test Kitchen

This a perfect “set it and forget it” recipe! If you’ve ever wanted to make homemade vegetable broth from scratch using random veggies or scraps–check out this recipe from the Veganomicon! Don’t be scared to put in random things…just leave out the animals.




So I popped my seitan (say-tan) cherry tonight. Though I’ve eaten it before, I’ve never cooked it. Better than beef, it’s a chewy, brownish wheat product that actually frightens me a little because it’s so much like animal flesh.
All I did was cook some wild rice in vegetable broth, saute the seitan (which you can find in most Krogers near the organic fridge section) in a few tbsp of soy sauce and a little olive oil, add some diced onions, a little garlic powder and voila!