Roasted Butternut Squash & Mashed Sweet Potatoes | The Vegan Test Kitchen

These roasted butternut squash and mashed spiced sweet potato dishes from the Veganomicon will bring something different to your Fall menu.


Pumpkin Cranberry Scones | The Vegan Test Kitchen

Vegan pumpkin scones? PUT THEM IN MY MOUTH NOW. Pumpkin spice is never out of season in my book, and these delectable pumpkin cranberry scones from the Veganomicon are nothing short of wonderful. The best part is you decide how you prefer them…cake-y, or scone-y.

Baked Beans w/ Sautéed Spinach & Tomatoes | The Vegan Test Kitchen

Baked beans don’t have to require dry beans to prepare and cook–just use canned! These are cheater baked beans from the Veganomicon, which we paired with sautéed spinach and tomatoes, because…why not?

Po’ Boy w/ Chile Cornmeal Crusted Tofu | The Vegan Test Kitchen

The po’ boy might not be the first vegan sandwich you think of, but this delicious New Orleans favorite pairs coleslaw from a previous video with chile cornmeal crusted tofu, and an easy to make chipotle mayo–all from the Veganomicon.

Banana Bread Recipe (Lower Fat) | The Vegan Test Kitchen

To end Banana Week in The Vegan Test Kitchen, we decided to make a bakery staple: banana bread. This recipe from the Veganomicon is technically called lower fat, but it doesn’t have to be and it sure doesn’t taste like it…we also put in some chocolate chips 🙂