Roasted Eggplant & Spinach Muffuletta Sandwich | The Vegan Test Kitchen

Great bread? ✅ Delicious olives? ✅ Roasted red peppers and eggplant? ✅ This New Orleans classic sandwich is veganized, and worth the wait. Trust me. *soy free


Asparagus & Lemongrass Risotto | The Vegan Test Kitchen

This asparagus and lemongrass risotto recipe is one of my favorites from the Veganomicon. It’s a wonderful blend of Thai and Italian. If you’re looking to change up your usual risotto, MAKE THIS.
*gluten free

Vanilla Yogurt Pound Cake | The Vegan Test Kitchen

Dense, fresh, delicious–just as a pound cake should be. This classic vanilla pound cake from the Veganomicon incorporates yogurt, and can be easily modified to create a lemon pound or other favorite flavor.


Beanball Sub | Meatball Sub | The Vegan Test Kitchen

Compiling a few previous recipes into one mouthwatering sandwich, this beanball sub from the Veganomicon will make you forget about that certain sandwich from that certain sub restaurant.


Fig Smushed Anise Almond Cookies | The Vegan Test Kitchen

These almond cookies become a little more special when you infuse them with anise, and smush a fig on top. That’s right, fig smushed anise almond cookies from the Veganomicon are a step up from your normal cookie.


Crepes Recipe (Savory or Sweet) | The Vegan Test Kitchen

Thin, delicate crêpes from the Veganomicon can be made for either savory or sweet fillings. Who needs France when you can make this in your own Kitchen?!


Not-Tella Hazelnut Spread | Nutella Recipe | The Vegan Test Kitchen

So you wanna spread Nutella on everything? I’m giving you permission with this recipe. No, this is not a “healthy” version…it’s full-flavor, vegan, and straight from the Veganomicon. *gluten free