Baja Style Grilled Tempeh Tacos | The Vegan Test Kitchen

Imagine making fancy food truck style tacos in your own kitchen. Actually, get your grill…you don’t have to imagine anymore! These baja-style grilled tempeh tacos from the Veganomicon will fire up your taco night.


How To Make Sushi (Spicy Tempeh Nori Rolls) | The Vegan Test Kitchen

How to make your own SUSHI! What more do I need to say?! If you’ve never made your own–you haven’t lived life to the fullest…

Blue Flannel Hash & Sweet Vidalia Onion Sauce | The Vegan Test Kitchen

This dish adds a colorful, earthy potato to a Saturday morning staple. Tempeh is also used in this blue flannel hash (don’t skimp on the fennel seeds!) covered in a sweet Vidalia onion sauce.