Chickpea Cutlets & Red Wine Roux Sauce | The Vegan Test Kitchen

These chickpea cutlets from the Veganomicon MUST be smothered in this red wine roux sauce. The luscious, complex sauce perfectly pairs with the crispy yet tender, half-chickpea, half-seitan cutlets. Another fancy AF dish.


Cheese Sauce Recipe (Easy Peasy Cheesy) | The Vegan Test Kitchen

Nutritional yeast (I know…sounds tantalizing doesn’t it?) is included in this cheesy sauce recipe from the Veganomicon. You need this non-dairy sauce in your life.

Broccoli Millet Croquettes & Dill Tahini Sauce | The Vegan Test Kitchen

These light broccoli millet croquettes from the Veganomicon are great as appetizers, for brunch, and of course, dipped in creamy dill-tahini sauce. I thought they were good–but Luke LOVED them…