Guacamole Recipe | The Vegan Test Kitchen

A creamy, perfect guacamole recipe. What else do ya need to know?

*gluten free *soy free


Spicy Peanut and Eggplant Soup | The Vegan Test Kitchen

This spicy peanut and eggplant soup from the Veganomicon belongs in an upscale Thai restaurant. If you’re a peanut lover, you won’t find a better dish to satisfy that craving.

Broccoli Potato Soup w/ Fresh Herbs | The Vegan Test Kitchen

You can always enjoy a good soup–even if it’s not the middle of Winter! This broccoli potato soup from the Veganomicon is perfect for Spring or Summer: wonderfully fresh, light, and infused with fresh dill and mint.

*gluten free *soy free