Bill Clinton…going vegan?

Apparently President Bill Clinton has recently stated he is “experimenting” with a vegan diet.  Experimenting?  Come on Bill!  This isn’t college when you and your male roommate happened to both be naked at the same time and you “experimented” with yourselves.  If I can do it, so can you!

Although I am happy he has decided to try veganism, I’m worried he will quickly drop it once he gets his desired results.  He said the predominant reason for starting the plant-based diet is health reasons.  Since a vegan lifestyle has little if any cholesterol, it is the prime diet for a person who has had by-pass surgery.  The only problem with this reasoning, is people get the results they want and drop veganism like a hot plate.  Thus doing no long-term good for animals, or even yourself.  Many people however, have started on a vegan diet for health reasons and were then turned on to the many ethical reasons, thus changing their view from it being a “diet” to a lifestyle.

Here’s hoping it’ll stick.  I know you can do it Bill!


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