Being Vegan couldn’t be easier at Ramsi’s Brunch Buffet

Contrary to popular belief, virtually every restaurant can make you something vegan.  All they have to do is listen to a few simple requests and use their brains.  And while some restaurants aren’t willing to give you much more than a plate of steamed vegetables and a side salad and call that a meal, other restaurants are willing to step out of the box and give you something worth your money.  Ramsi’s is a shining example of what other restaurants could and should be.

With more and more people concerned about our fellow animals’ wellbeing, their own health, and environmental concerns, mainstream restaurants are seeing an increase in the need of vegan cuisine.  Ramsi’s is a place that has been doing this for years.  They have had vegan meals for quite a while that consist of more than a salad with week old lettuce.  And then came along Ramsi’s Brunch Buffet.  And what a buffet it is.

From the moment we sat down and the server told us (without me asking) that their buffet included many options for vegans, I thought I was in another world.  A perfect world.  A vegan utopia!  And then I saw the bacon.  Okay, so it wasn’t a perfect world, but a better one indeed.  While I reached for the vegan biscuits and soy sausage gravy (oh my god, were they good!), my omni boyfriend went for the recently deceased, but also helped himself to some tofu scramble and a few black bean cakes.  Which he loved by the way.  They were definitely the surprise hit of the meal.  These black bean patties were lightly breaded, then baked or fried which gave it this perfect texture that just crumbled in your mouth.  He went back for seconds.

While $12.99 might seem a lot for a buffet, it’s not a lot for a never-ending meal.  Especially when you can get unlimited amounts of vegan yumminess.  And it’s a great deal when you consider the restaurant.

Ramsi’s serves their Brunch Buffet every Sunday from 10am–3pm.  When we went (around 1:30), we had absolutely no wait.  The staff is excellent and very friendly.  All of the vegan options are labeled at the spread and include:

biscuits and soy sausage gravy

soy sausage patties

fresh fruit

breakfast burritos

tofu scramble

black bean cakes

queso (it actually wasn’t bad, Luke even liked it)

chocolate chip pancakes

french toast

For more information on what their normal menu looks like or where they are located, visit


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