North End Café

Before enjoying the second day of Kentuckiana Pride festivities at the Belvedere, Luke and I decided to try another cafe that boasted of vegan options.  Located in Crescent Hill on Frankfort Avenue, North End Café occupies a couple of old shot-gun houses.  It’s age was easily noticeable as we eyed a vacant spot inside that used to showcase either a cast-iron stove or a fireplace.

I sat down and surveyed the menu.  I was looking for veganized choices that were not available at typical meat-based restaurants.  I found a Vegan Reuben which sounded really good, but wanted to search for other dishes that weren’t typical even for a vegan spot, which I would not call this place.  Very animal heavy, this menu took lots of scanning to find dishes that were or could be made vegan.  More than anything else, North End prides itself on food that comes from Kentucky and the organic options that sometimes includes.  The scales definitely tip in favor of the omnivore.

Some of the vegan choices were a Tofu Scramble, Vegan Reuben and a Curry Sauté.  With the exception of a few items, their breakfast menu is available all day which I was thrilled about since a Vegan Taco was in that very section.  Why there was a taco in the breakfast menu I will always ponder.  Nevertheless, since it was something different from a Vegan Reuben which seems to be the defacto at most vegan-friendly places, I chose that.  Actually I got two.  I figured since it was only $2.99 it had to be fairly small.

When our food arrived, I was indeed correct.  These tacos were pretty small and I began to wonder if I should have ordered three.  They were filled with black beans, pineapple, jalapenos and guacamole and wrapped in soft tortilla shells.  A side of pico de gallo complimented them well.  The pineapple added a bit of sweetness that I would neither expect or want from a taco, but was not ruined by any means.  I left with my belly satisfied but not exploding, which I hear is the way you are supposed to feel.  Not that any of us Americans would know about overeating.

Luke ended up getting a Caesar Salad and a Breakfast Burrito, and the whole bill ended up being around $18.  Our server was very friendly and the wait time was great, even for a Saturday.  As for next time, I think I’m just going to breakdown and order the Reuben.  It sounded a bit more enticing than other variations I’ve tried.


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