Third Avenue Café

I’ve heard many good things about this place, but ne’er had I ventured to old Louisville to try it out.  After a bike ride with my boyfriend, we trekked on down to 3rd street in his beat-down Nissan truck.  Nestled between houses and churches, it doesn’t stand out near as much as you would think.  Their sign doesn’t exactly catch your eye, much like the furnishings inside.  Unless of course you count the Elvis statue that greets you at the entrance.

As soon as we sat down with the menu, our server (a gentle woman in her 40’s-50’s) was quick to tell us the vegan meatloaf and some other item I can’t remember, but is not important, was not on the menu today.  Bummer!  That was what I was anxious to try after looking at the menu online.  I began perusing the menu and became completely overwhelmed at how many vegan options were available to me.  Had I died and gone to Vegan Heaven?  If so, where are the pigs with wings?  That is one thing I would definitely expect seeing.  Nevertheless, after pinching myself, I realized I was indeed sitting in a mellow café in Kentucky.

As an appetizer we decided on the Spinach Tortilla Chips with Guacamole & Pico de Gallo. I find it important to note that Luke HATES chunks of tomato. He loved this salsa. That says something.  I decided on the BBQ Tofu Sandwich which came to me with delicious creamy basil potato salad.  Luke got the Black Bean Burger with potato salad also.  We both loved our choices and mine was definitely just as messy as any BBQ sandwich with flesh inside.  After our server came around to give us the check she wanted to let me know that they had vegan carrot cake.  THANK YOU!

I got my cake, and definitely ate it too.  It put me back $32, which I don’t think is too bad for two meals, an appetizer and dessert.  With over 10 vegan entrées, not including the appetizer and dessert options, this place will see my business in the near future.  Let’s just hope they have some vegan meatloaf cooking.


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