Conklin Dairy Farms in Plain City, OH sadistically torturing cows

Mercy For Animals recently just uncovered horrible video of Conklin Dairy Farm employees beating, torturing, and maiming cows during a four-week period. is a wonderful site that has been currently working on getting these people prosecuted on animal cruelty charges.  They are a non-profit organization, so any donations would greatly help this and other cases.  Considering this video is not the only one out there documenting abuse on farms, does this not make you wonder how often this really happens?  Just this particular video was in the time frame of 4 weeks.  Think about all the other things that happened the camera didn’t catch.  This is not an isolated incident, as we have learned from the KFC undercover videos and plenty others.  These animals deserve better lives than this.  Write or call:

Conklin Dairy Farms

12939 Us Highway 42 N

Plain City, OH 43064

(614) 873-8024

If you want to contact the Union County Prosecuting Attorney’s office:

Union County Prosecuting Atty‎

221 West 5th Street

Marysville, OH 43040-1111

(937) 645-4190‎


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