44 days later…

So….it’s been 44 days since I’ve become vegan, and I was reminded of why I don’t eat fast food anymore.  After a long day at work, I said to myself, “You know, I could really eat a bean burrito from Taco Bell right now.”  Now I must admit I haven’t had any cravings for Taco Bell in the days since I essentially gave up fast food.  But tonight was different.  And since Taco Bell has probably more vegan options of any fast food joint, I was happy to oblige myself.

So I trek to a Taco Bell, trying to be fast, as I was racing home to watch the second to the last episode of Lost with the boyfriend.  As I’m driving by (at 10:20ish) I glance over at the drive thru, and there was one car at the window but didn’t see any in cue.  Score!!…I thought.  Then when I finally got around to the actual drive thru lane, there happened to be 3 or 4 cars waiting for the speaker.  Ok, ok, this could still go relatively quick, no need to be negative, I thought to myself.  Since it was fairly late and there were only 2 cars in the parking lot, I figured the lobby was closed.  I gave the drive thru a chance.

Bad idea.  30 minutes later I arrive at the window.  The food window.  I had actually made it.  I contemplated writing my last will and testament, thinking I may never see anyone again.  I was quick to get my order once there because I only got one item, and it was a very simple one at that.  I didn’t even have any special requests.  One fresco bean burrito.  That’s it.  If you are unaware of the fresco bean burrito, it may be because it’s on the “diet” menu.  It’s a bean burrito with pico de gallo, and red sauce.  I get the bag and since I know better than to assume it’s correct, I check the contents.

As I unwrap the flour tortilla, I begin to see beans.  So far we’re safe.  There’s some red sauce.  Still good.  And then comes the shredded cheese.  REALLY?!  I hate to get angered by such a silly thing as fast food, but I couldn’t help but be frustrated after sitting for a half hour, and still getting the wrong order even with it being a simple request!  So to wrap this up, I ended up walking inside (apparently the lobby WAS open), and requesting my fresco bean burrito, which at this point happened to materialize into the holy grail.

Seeing as this was my first Taco Bell run since giving up animal products, I’m debating on whether it was worth it.  I think next time I’ll just make my own goddamn burrito.


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