a little fishy–vegan tuna


So, today it felt like a very merry vegan christmas because I got my package from Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe! I got jerky, then when i calmed down I opened the package, AHAHAHAH! Sorry, anyways, i got vegan jerky, gravy, ranch seasoning (which I’m dying to try), Cheezly brand cheese, and Vegetarian Plus brand vegan tuna rolls.
It’s been a LONG time since I’ve had tuna, but this was fucking tuna! The smell of fish has always turned me off to eating them, and they actually managed to get that right too. So i toasted some bread, diced some onions and pickles, scooped a little veganaise up in there, and threw on some lettuce and there was my tuna sa’mich. Not bad, still creeped me out a little though.


4 thoughts on “a little fishy–vegan tuna

  1. I’m thinking of trying the vegan tuna roll. I used to LOVE Worthington’s Tuno (which used to say on the can: “dolphin safe… and tuna safe too!”). Sadly, they discontinued the product.

    So… had you ever tried Tuno? If so, how does this compare?


    • Hey Duncan! I’ve actually never tried Worthington’s Tuno. But I am a HUGE fan of this particular brand, Vegetarian Plus. It had a great taste. Did you ever eat Worthington’s fish fillets? I LOVED them, but were discontinued. It was weird, I never like fish that much, but I craved these things. Soooo good.

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